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ColourPlus LED 1500

This little light is perfect for nano aquariums but it can also be used in larger aquaria, both as primary lighting, or as supplemental lighting for its wide colorspread.  It uses four white CREE XP-G PowerLEDs and two green, two red and two blue CREE XP-E PowerLEDs.  This color temp makes it well suited for a variety of aquariums, especially cichlid and discus show tanks, as well as planted tanks and fish only marine aquaria.   This amazing variety of colored LEDs will highlight and enhance the colors in your aquarium.  See colors you never knew were there. 

Mounting the ColourPlus LED 1500 is effortless using the various options available in the TMC Modular Mounting System. As with TMC's other LED lighting products the ColourPlus LED 1500 comes with a 5 year guarantee.

 Features of the ColourPlus 1500:

  • CREE XP-G and CREE XP-E PowerLEDs
  • Delivers a wide angle of illumination, helping to provide an even spread of light throughout the aquarium
  • Creates a natural "shimmer" effect
  • Suitable as an alternative to T5 and other forms of Fluorescent lighting
  • Cool running with low heat transfer to aquarium water reducing the need for expensive cooling systems
  • Suitable for installation in aquarium hoods
  • Low running costs and environmentally friendly - long-life, very low carbon footprint, and no mercury
  • Future-proofed with built-in capability and compatibility for digital control including timing and dimming and available with an AquaRay Control unit
  • A sealed, water-resistant casing and a low voltage DC power supply makes AquaRay easy and safe to use in all conditions
  • Designed and manufactured by Tropical Marine Center in the UK
  • 5 year guarantee on light
  • Modular Mounting System (MMS) compatible, offering an extensive range of mounting options for your AquaRay light unit


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