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MountaRay Light Mounting Bracket

MountaRay Light Mounting Bracket

The MountaRay is a uniquely designed bracket, suitable for tank mounting all AquaRay lights to aquariums. There are two versions available.  A single bracket for mounting one MiniLED tile such as the MiniLED 500HD or a pair of brackets suitable for mounting ANY AquaRay lights as a tank mounted "luminaire".  In the luminaire configuration, the brackets can hold up to 4 large tiles like the AquaBeam 1500XG or 1000HD series.

  • very simple / clean design
  • open ended for adding, removing, or just rearranging lights
  • mounted directly to aquarium 

As this mounting system is modular, it is extremely flexible and is also very easy to assemble at home, with only a screwdriver required.

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